Ever since the book and the movie “The Secret”, the Law of Attraction has become a very popular concept. Over time a whole market has developed around this topic and with it, unfortunately, a lot of misunderstanding. The Law of Attraction is based on the Law of Resonance, which is always at work, regardless of  whether we know about it or not.

Throughout history and different cultures, there have been people who knew how to work with this law, although they might have used completely different terms to describe it. So the popularity it has today is simply a rediscovery, fuelled by  information technologies and our pursuit of happiness and personal success.

To begin with, I could simply go straight into making a list of what works and what does not, but I prefer to dig a little deeper to first see why and how things work. A basic understanding can always help us recognise the possibilities and fallacies in different situations.


The Idea Behind • The Laws of Vibration, Harmonics and Resonance

So the basic principle of Resonance is simply that two similar vibrating systems influence each other and tend to fall into step with one another’s vibrations. If the amplitude of the vibrations is different, the system with the greater amplitude will dominate and the system with the weaker amplitude will fall into pace. The degree of resonance depends on the rhythm or the base frequency and the number of matching harmonics from both systems.

We know from music that harmony and resonance are created by interaction based on the concept of the harmonic scale.



So what are Harmonics and Overtones?

The word “harmony” derives from “harmonics” which describes the overtones of a vibratory system. When we strike a guitar string, for example, there is base tone and a pile of frequencies (overtones) of the base tone. Our brain is wired to detect the base tone and to perceive the package of overtones as timbre.

The sequence of overtones is the logarithmic division of the base tone and the basic concept of all harmonious intervals and relationships between two vibrations.

Watch this excerpt from my documentary about overtone singing, in which the concept of harmonics is explained and illustrated.



Why does Resonance Occur?

Two vibrational elements in harmony do not only save energy, but they create synergy and amplify each other. When two strings of the exact same frequency are struck, they will synchronise their phases and this will result in an amplification. If two strings that are in disharmony are struck, the vibrations interfere with and weaken each other and both sounds will diminish sooner.

Two vibration patterns in disharmony create entropy or “friction” and thus tend to weaken each other. In an open system they would either repel each other or require an input of energy to compensate for the energy loss.

I have found a video that demonstrates the mechanics of resonance with metronomes. It shows that when the frequencies match, the vibrating systems go into phase or synchronization with each other.



Why does this occur? Due to the laws of thermodynamics, the simple answer is:  The Universe is “lazy” and synchronisation saves energy. The Law of Resonance is a weak force and we should not forget that other stronger forces at work can easily override the resonance effect.


The Law of Resonance Applied to Humans = the Law of Attraction

Now, when adapting these principles to living organisms like humans beings, the interaction and complexity reaches a new level. To understand how this works mechanically, we first need to understand that our emotional body, mental body, etheric body, etc. are literally three dimensional vibration fields.

Each living organism is a continuous orchestra of waves and vibration patterns. Each of the bodies has its own frequencies or a multitude of frequencies.

For example, on the biochemical level we have the frequencies of our heartbeat, our breathing, our cranial activity and our nervous system. Our etheric or Qi-body has its own frequency at a much faster rate which can, today, be measured by biofeedback devices.

The sum of all our vibration patterns makes up the so-called “vibration signature” which is not static, but which changes constantly based on our mood, thoughts, our physical condition and other factors.


Law of Attraction


Everything in nature radiates its very own vibrational signature. Non-living things have a more static vibration, whereas living organisms have a dynamic and ever-changing orchestra of frequencies. On a large scale all living organisms are little orchestral sound generators, constantly interacting with each other on a vibratory level. Some of our vibrations are tuned in to the morphogenetic fields that are huge information and structural fields which span across the globe.

(For more information on morphogenetic fields, read the studies and research by Rupert Sheldrake)

Since the Law of Resonance is always at work, we constantly attract things that match our vibration signature and repel those things that don’t match. Through non-local information exchange, such as the internet or the morphogenetic field, this effect can take place beyond local confines.

Often, however, the Law of Attraction appears not to work. Reasons for this are:

  1. Our vibration signature is not homogeneous, meaning that we don’t know what we really want, so the signals we send out are indistinct and contradictory.
  2. Our actions do not match our vibration signature.
  3. Other forces and laws are overriding the Law of Resonance or the Law of Attraction.

So what can we do about this?


Common Misconceptions and Fallacies

In the movie “The Secret” things are simplified to such an extent that this gives rise to many misunderstandings. The movie implies that simply wishing something strongly and consistently enough will cause it to become a reality. Well, if you just sit at home passively and take no action neither your dream car nor your dream house will appear magically. And, even if it were true that one could wish for “anything”, one must have lost all creative imagination to want a car and a house above all else in life.

Another misconception I frequently encounter is that of people thinking that literally everything that happens to them is of their own creation. While it is true that “we create our life”, we should not forget that each of us is a co-creator and not a lone creator of this reality.

The last misconception is to forget that other Laws are at work as well, some of which may have greater influence than the Law of Attraction. To really harness the power of the Law of Attraction, the context and setting has to be right.

To avoid the Law of Attraction working against you, see my post on “How to avoid the Law of Attraction working against you.”


The Chain of Influence

Breaking down the chain of influence: Belief > Thought > Emotion > Action

Our vibrational signature determines what we do on a physical level and what we attract or repel on a vibratory level. Our “beliefs” consist of two components. One is of a spiritual nature, of how we see the world, life and the universe in general. The other component is our “values” which we usually acquire through upbringing, education or as a result of our own experiences.

Those two components are most impactful at the beginning of the chain of influence, because they generate almost all our thoughts and emotions on autopilot at a subconscious level we cannot control.

So, to break the cycles of negative patterns sustainably, we need to primarily change our beliefs. The desired change of thoughts and emotions will emerge as a result. The only things we still need to be aware of, are our actions because we can greatly influence these on a conscious level.

All three factors (beliefs, thoughts and emotions) are invisible influences. They make up our vibration signature and are the essential roots of our results in life. Our actions are the bridge between the non-physical and the physical, and the fruits we reap reflect to us the quality of our roots and how well the bridge has been built.


Proper Alignment and Utilisation

To summarise, in physical terms the Law of Resonance always works, but in practical terms the Law of Attraction only works when our actions are aligned with our vibration signature AND other Laws are accounted for as well.

Changing our vibration is called an “indirect influence”, meaning that we usually cannot influence it at the press of a button. But by becoming aware and intentionally re-programming our beliefs, we place crucial elements in the right positions for positive transformation. This is how to use the habitual autopilot process to our advantage.

The more precise and coherent our vibration signature becomes, the more we become a resonant magnet for people and situations that match our frequency. Synchronicities start to occur in our lives that can’t be explained by chance or statistics.

Our best protection against negative emotional and mental influences is to maintain and fortify a positive and coherent state. The more consistently we maintain this coherency, the more we tend to repel or even exclude things that we are not matched with. If you want to know a bit more about the DO’s and DONT’s, have a look at my post on “How to avoid the Law of Attraction working against you“.

“Knowledge is potential Power – putting it into action creates Mastery.” – Tony Robbins


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