While many people practice the Law of Attraction successfully, it seems that for most of us it just does not work.

I have seen a lot of recently published material which talks about “the missing link” or the “secret behind the secret”. While there are many influences that play a role, I would like to expose some of the most common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.

This post provides a list of basic DOs and DONTs, and is also about how to avoid the Law of Attraction becoming a form of self-sabotage.


Common and Harmful Misconceptions of the Law of Attraction

1. “The outside world is an exact reflection of my inside world.”

Many people getting into the Law of Attraction realize that they are the creators of their own reality. But some tend to believe that everything that happens to them is literally a creation of their thoughts and moods. Fortunately we do not have this kind of omnipotent power, not even unconsciously.

Every living being has a dynamic vibration field and the world is made of many active reality creating factors. The correct meaning of the idea that we create our reality is that we do have the power to perceive, interpret and give meaning to all the happenings in our life. The way we react and give meaning to anything is 100% of our own creation.


2. “Everything that happens and has happened to me is of my own creation and is my fault.”

This misconception is based on the one mentioned above. When people realize how powerful their minds and thoughts are, some think that negative happenings in their past were their own “fault”. This dis-empowering perspective of feeling shame and guilt can actually prevent positive effects from taking place. Imagine what our vibration signature looks like, when this mental state becomes predominant?

Guilt and shame are some of the biggest obstacles to success with the Law of Attraction. So banish the guilt and the blame and try, instead, to convert them into gratitude for the past, and forgiveness – especially for yourself. This will help your vibration signature into a higher degree of coherence again.


3. “When I get my vibrations right, things will happen automatically.”

Another fallacy is to have false hope and high expectations while neglecting the taking action side of things. Many of the simplified programs I cam across imply that using the Law of Attraction is as easy as wishing for and focusing on something hard enough. This is merely another way of staying in the comfort zone and avoiding taking responsibility for success.

When people do not get the results they expect, they feel tricked and ripped off, because the some of the promises sounded too good. The Law of Attraction can only be effective, when mindset, emotions and actions are in alignment with the desired results.


4. “When horrible things happen to people, it’s their own making.”

This attitude is not only wrong, but promotes irresponsibility and a lack of compassion. Similar vibration fields attract each other. Disharmonic fields repel each other.

BUT when very different vibrational fields are forced upon each other, the strongest vibration will dominate and eventually drown the others. In many cases when things are forced upon people, it is NOT the Law of Attraction that is at work, but rather a violation of it. The natural Law of Resonance is a relatively weak influence and can easily be overridden by other forces.


5. “The Law of Attraction is the main thing I need to focus on.”

One big beginners’ mistake is to focus on the one thing only and forget that there are many other factors of influence at work. Law of Attraction is just ONE law of many that are in permanent action. To understand what the other major Laws are and how strong their influence is, Bob Proctor breaks down the material and explains the “Eleven Forgotten Laws”:

  • The Law of Thinking
  • The Law of Supply
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Receiving
  • The Law of Increase
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Non-Resistance
  • The Law of Forgiveness
  • The Law of Sacrifice
  • The Law of Obedience
  • The Law of Success

To find out how the Law of Resonance works concerning our vibration signature, read my previous post about the Law of Resonance.


So what are the basics for making the Law of Attraction work in our favour?

1. Be clear about your goals – avoid indecision

Send out a clear message to the Universe and to your surroundings. If you fluctuate between two different or even opposing desires, the vibration you are emitting is unclear and the response you get is equally ambiguous.

Define your goals as individually and specifically as possible. Find out your fundamental “why” of wanting something and align the “what” accordingly. This will create clarity and affect your vibration patterns.


2. Raise your Emotional Energy

When your energy is low, even your vision can seem like a distant dream. Identify whatever it is that drains your energy and happiness and get rid of it. Examples are your own destructive self-talk or having negative people around you.

Exercise, move, meditate or utilize any method or technique to increase your energy level – on a daily basis. Do something regularly that makes you happy and joyful, giving you the feeling of charging up.

Consider this as charging your emotional batteries, because they provide the fuel for your manifestation process.


3. Match your frequency to the desired reality

We know from studies on athletes that, when a visualization is done well, the brain cannot tell the difference between the visualization and reality. The goal here is not to fool around our brains, but to use this method as a technique. Visualize and feel intensely the emotions of your desired outcome as if it already happened.

Impregnating a positive vision into your subconsciousness can change your belief programs accordingly and this, in turn, will make taking action seem like an easy exercise.


4. Take Action!

Your actions are the bridge between visualization and manifestation. By taking action on what you desire you reinforce your decision and create a focus on your desired outcomes. Everything else happening on a vibratory level will remain useless when actions are missing.

Even when synchronicities occur, but you fail to act upon them, you have neither changed your reality nor taken resonsibility of your success. All preparations, whether spiritual, mental or emotional, need to be grounded in actions.


5. Create a vision board

 To enhance and accelerate the process, link up the version of your desired reality to something that you can relate to. A vision board is a common and effective method. But it can also be a song, a digital vision board or a little video clip of your desired reality.

You basically engineer an energy anchor for the outcome that you desire. Every time you get in touch with your personalized energy anchor, the matching frequency of that reality is being activated and draws you closer to it.


If you want to take the use of the Law to a whole new level, take a look at our #1 recommendation for the Law of Attraction.


What did you achieve so far and what kind of results did you get? Share your story in the comments section!