A couple of weeks ago, Mingaho Xu, CEO and founder of Source Aligned, has been invited to an extraordinary event and  live video series called Spirit TECHTalks, hosted by iAwake Technologies and Spirit Tech Media.

This is especially interesting for those who love topics related to spirit and technology. Ming has spoken about the background of  his work and the origin of our project “Source Aligned”. If you are a subscriber of our newsletter, you might know about Ming, his work, and his experiences. You have now the opportunity to meet Ming “in person” in the video below and to hear himself.

Ming talks about why he started making visionary art, what the turning point was for him that dramatically changed his life, and what the intention is behind Source Aligned.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Enjoy the interview with Ming!


The list of speakers for the February 2016 summit included Ken Wilber, Bill Harris, Dr. Julia Mossbridge, Mikey Siegel, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, and many more.

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