The use of video marketing is becoming increasingly popular for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The reason is simple and quite obvious: more and more people are using mobile devices and the videos are easier to view on these devices than reading a lengthy text.

If you’re not already using video marketing to acquire new customers, then you’re missing out. Video drives traffic and provides higher engagement rates.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competition on YouTube. Getting noticed isn’t always easy. But, with the tips that I am about to share with you, you can begin increasing the number of followers on YouTube.

With more followers, your videos and therefore your brand are more likely to get noticed. Here are several steps that you can take right away to begin growing your YouTube visibility and following.

1. Make Your Videos Valuable and Outstanding

The first step is about the content itself: increase the value of your videos. People won’t share videos that don’t provide any real value or a form of entertainment. You can’t just create a video introducing your brand or project and hope to get thousands of views. Each video needs to have a specific focus.

It’s much like writing a quality blog post. In fact, you can recycle your most popular blog content into videos. This is an essential part of “attraction marketing” where you share your knowledge and passion about a certain topic with like-minded and like-hearted people.

Whenever you write a script for a video, always honestly ask yourself: would you enjoy this video and would you share it with others? The video needs to offer some form of benefit to the viewer or answer a question they have or engage them in a fun and entertaining way. For example you can provide instructions, demonstrations, reviews or tips related to a specific topic.


2. Choose the Right Thumbnail

Perhaps the most important element of your video is the thumbnail. This is the first thing that most people will see when your video appears in a search result. More than anything else, this determines whether someone chooses to click play or not.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you can choose a thumbnail from a selection of screen grabs.  But your thumbnail doesn’t even have to be an exact frame from your video – you can upload any image you choose and add some text to it. Remember that the thumbnail should only sell the “click” on the play button to the curious visitor.

Make sure that the thumbnail is a clear and enticing image. Place the title or a relevant keyword over the image, so that anyone that sees the thumbnail immediately knows what your video is about.


3. Pay Attention to the Video Length

Viewer engagement peaks at 2-minutes and then starts to drop. So depending on what you want to bring across, you want to keep most of your videos to around 2-minutes for optimum attention span.

Generally, the only time that you want to create longer videos is when you have more value or structured information to provide. When you want to create one of the in-depth informational clips, then a good time span would be between 10-30 minutes.

Anything above 30 minutes will be hard to retain the attention of viewers especially when your clips are informational. Basically the longer it is, the more people will go off.

But for branding clips, promotional videos and testimonials, shorter is better. Use these short clips to enhance your landing pages.

In general this saying remains true: Brevity is the soul of wit.



4. Include a Clear Call to Action

Your videos should serve a specific purpose. As with your blog articles, you can include a “call to action” buttons anywhere. You could tell viewers to click on like, to follow a link or you can use this call to action to remind viewers to subscribe.

YouTube also provides the option to include an image or graphic to act as a clickable button overlay directly on top of your video. With this clickable button, you can include a link to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Though, most people make the mistake of placing the call to action only at the end of the video.

You should actually place a call to action toward the middle of your video. The CTA could appear as an on-screen annotation or an embedded text overlay. Then, include another call to action at the end.

Make sure that your CTA is clear and direct. Remember that it needs to describe an action, such as “subscribe, click this link, complete this form, support us, or visit this page.”


5. Use a Consistent Brand Image

It always helps to establish a brand image, when you’re trying to reach more people who are potential customers. Even if you’re selling affiliate products, having an identifiable brand helps you attract more leads.

In keeping with this concept, you should use a consistent brand image across your website, social media profiles, and the use of video.

For example, if you use specific colors on your website and social media profile, then incorporate these same colors in your video. You can insert title cards between scenes or on-screen messages using a theme that matches your brand.


6. Include a YouTube Widget on Your Website

You should also add a widget or link on your website that connects with your YouTube channel. Increase exposure to your channel by adding these features to your blog or brand website.

This way there is more traffic going both ways from your YouTube channel to your website and vice versa. Besides having a few video clips on your website adds value and makes it look more engaging.

If you use WordPress, you can find numerous widgets and plugins that allow you to add YouTube videos to your site. You could also add a YouTube subscribe button on your site.


7. Interact with People That Comment on Your Videos

You shouldn’t ignore the comments on your videos. Actively respond to these comments as much as possible.

More comments and more replies are perceived by YouTube as more interaction and help your clip get a higher relevance score. Also people may leave a comment without following. After responding, they might rethink their decision and start following your channel.  


8. Become a Featured YouTube Channel

You have the option to add “Featured Channels” to your YouTube channel. These are channels that you follow and recommend your followers to follow. By getting these other channels to recommend you to their followers, you can boost exposure.

There are two ways to go about this. You can either directly ask a channel to add you or you can start following them. There is no guarantee that the other channel will follow you, but it’s still worth the effort.


9. Remain Consistent with Your Release Schedule

YouTube offers video recommendations based on what you’ve already watched. If you remain consistent with your release schedule, you’re more likely to gain new subscribers.

If a viewer watches one of your videos without following, YouTube may recommend another your new videos as they’re released. This helps bring viewers back to your channel.

Whether you release one or four new videos each month, you should stick to a schedule. Decide which day of the week you’ll release your videos. Subscribers will know when to check back and your viewer retention rates will increase.



Increasing your YouTube following is a great method for improving your online presence.

If you want to learn more about creating enticing YouTube videos, here is a 63min Video Training + a “101 Creation ideas” PDF for Free Download.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below.