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Author: Minghao Xu

How to Use Hashtags Properly for Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are useful for helping people discover your social media posts. Twitter was one of the first social networking sites to make good use of hashtags. But, they’re now an important part of all social networking sites, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. While hashtags are useful, they can also have a negative impact on your marketing efforts. You need to be careful with how you use hashtags in your posts. So, with that in mind, you should learn how to properly use hashtags for social media marketing.   The Basics of Hashtags for Social Media First, let’s make sure...

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How to Create Freebies to Grow Your Subscriber Email List

If you’re resting all your marketing ambitions on the hope that first-time visitors will make a purchase, you’re going to have trouble making any money. Only about 1% of visitors are ready to make a purchase during their first visit. Studies have shown that on average, you’ll need about 4 or 5 times of contact and exposure before getting a sale. A so-called “lead magnet” is designed to help you capture the email address of these visitors. It is bascially an incentive or an exchange – you give away something of value for free and in return your subscriber gives...

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Instantly Increase Your Conversion Rates with this 9 Point Checklist

A low conversion rate will waste your efforts and budget spent to get visitors to your website. Your conversion rates are instrumental in your success. So, how do you increase the percentage of people that complete the desired action? Firstly you need to identify the causes for your low conversion. Then you can make specific changes accordingly, rethinking and refining your existing strategy. Generally, if you’re having trouble converting traffic, there’s one or several specific reasons behind the problem. There might just be a few areas that need to be tweaked, but first you need to understand what they...

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How to Grow Your YouTube Following

– 9 Tips to get the Most out of Your Clips

The use of video marketing is becoming increasingly popular for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The reason is simple and quite obvious: more and more people are using mobile devices and the videos are easier to view on these devices than reading a lengthy text. If you’re not already using video marketing to acquire new customers, then you’re missing out. Video drives traffic and provides higher engagement rates. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competition on YouTube. Getting noticed isn’t always easy. But, with the tips that I am about to share with you, you can begin increasing the number...

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What is Brainwave Entrainment?

The Art of Tuning our Psyche with Sound and Vibration

Since the advent of the modern age we have been riddled by the question of how closely technology and consciousness are related, and how they interact. Various literature and movies explore this question and have taken it to fictional heights of possibilities. This article will have a look at how much science has caught up with science fiction. Many publicly available studies have thoroughly investigated the workings of our brain, including how brain activity and states of consciousness are connected. In research labs, scientists have monitored monks and Yogis in an attempt to understand the correlations between their brainwave...

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