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Author: Minghao Xu

The Illusion of Spiritual Achievement

– Seven Pitfalls of Inner Development

Is there a way how we measure the degree of our inner development? Can it be and should it be “measured” at all? And if not, how do we notice when we go astray? In our modern world, everything is fitted into the lifestyle of meritocracy, and when that happens with spirituality, we risk placing personal gain over contemplation and wisdom. During the past years I have observed how spiritual related topics have increasingly been mixed with personal advancement. In this article I want to share my take on the effects of spiritual instrumentalization and its pitfalls. Every time...

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How to Avoid the Law of Attraction Working against You.

Five Basic DOs and DON’Ts for the Law of Attraction

While many people practice the Law of Attraction successfully, it seems that for most of us it just does not work. I have seen a lot of recently published material which talks about “the missing link” or the “secret behind the secret”. While there are many influences that play a role, I would like to expose some of the most common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. This post provides a list of basic DOs and DONTs, and is also about how to avoid the Law of Attraction becoming a form of self-sabotage.   Common and Harmful Misconceptions of the...

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What is the Law of Attraction for and Does it Really Work?

Understanding the Law of Resonance and Other Laws at Work

Ever since the book and the movie “The Secret”, the Law of Attraction has become a very popular concept. Over time a whole market has developed around this topic and with it, unfortunately, a lot of misunderstanding. The Law of Attraction is based on the Law of Resonance, which is always at work, regardless of  whether we know about it or not. Throughout history and different cultures, there have been people who knew how to work with this law, although they might have used completely different terms to describe it. So the popularity it has today is simply a rediscovery, fuelled by ...

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What is Meditation About?

– The Different Forms and Benefits of Meditation

The word “Meditation” can be tricky to explain, because it is an umbrella term covering an endless variety of methods, practices and states of consciousness. The diversity of methods can range from a three minute “on the go” breathing “meditation”, to techniques of channeling, all the way to profound and life-changing out-of-body experiences. These and many other variations all fall under the term “meditation.”  Today more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of spiritual development. So, what is meditation about and how can it help us in our evolution? In the last century meditation was relatively uncommon...

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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

And the Impact and Effects it can have

Remembering the Absolute is a Mystical Union “The Dao that can be spoken is not the true Dao, the name that can be named is not the true name”. In this first verse of the Tao-Te-King  (“Dao De Jing”)  from over 2500 years ago, Laozi was able to describe in a simple sentence the core problem of all Mystic Schools and experiences. If the essential cannot be put in words, how can we define or communicate it, and how close can we get with a circumscription? Common language has not developed sufficient vocabulary, and names can only be given...

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