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Digital Artbook “Beyond The Veil” – Fractal Energy Art


Fractal Energy Art by Minghao Xu

Downloadable Digital Artbook, containing 36 high quality images showing the invisible realm – they may help you to reconnect with the Source and various aspects of Creation.

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“…For me fractals are not just some gimmick of mathematical curiosity, but a creative tool to fathom the language of creation.

They reflect most of the structures we know from nature, but the more interesting question was, if they could unveil what lies beyond the tangible and physical.

Can fractals reveal to us, based on the same creation principles of sacred geometry, what things could be like on other worlds or in other dimensions?

I started exploring, using fractals, to find out and my artistic interpretations are the answer to that quest.

The images represent my perception of metaphysical places, other vibratory dimensions, non-physical entities and sometimes simply energy patterns…”