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12+1 Dimensions by Burkhardt Heim – Meditation Video


The guided meditation narrated  by the bestseller author Uwe Albrecht invites you to walk through the 12 +1 dimensions by Burkhardt Heim. Minghao Xu has achieved with this formidable animation to make the dimensions tangible as one. The Music by the singer and songwriter Lina Fai transforms this world into something sensible. These three elements together create a masterwork.

Click the description below for preview.



 According to the German physicist Burkhardt Heim, the twelve dimensions are an essential concept to describe and to understand the Universe and existence itself.

Because the math behind it is abstract and hard to understand, this animation allows to sense and perceive intuitively the bigger picture of what life is and what their laws are.



Concept by Uwe Albrecht – innerwise
Animation by Minghao Xu – Source Aligned

Music by Lina Fai – Tempertunes