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Today Most People are Facing two Main Challenges:
Finding Meaning in Life and Having Financial Security

Does this sound familiar to you?

Download the “Source Map” for FREE and Find Out
how to Create Natural Abundance by Integrating
Your Vision and Passion into Daily Life.

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The majority of people I know are struggling mainly in two ways:
Financially and finding meaning in what they do in life.

After years of trying to find the “missing link”, I came to the conclusion
that to achieve the life we desire, three essential areas need to be in alignment:

a connection to Source, personal integration and the knowledge of how to manifest.

The “Source Map” is a guide to Self-Resourcefulness,
helping you to understand the essentials for creating a life of self-determination and fulfillment.

Aligning your life with your true core being is a natural way to embody positive transformation,
for yourself and for others.

The “Source Map” is not a New Concept or System. It is a Little Guide
to Help You Create and Manifest from Being Connected with the Source.

In this Ebook you will learn

✓ The three key areas that need to be in balance to achieve fulfillment

✓ Why an intimate connection to Source is the fuel for all manifestations in life

✓ To distinct between surface desires and core desires

✓ Why the feeling of purpose and meaningfulness is a result of self-empowerment

✓ Tools to breaks through negative loops of habits

✓ Why living your passion is the best form of social contribution

✓ Seven keys to manifestation

✓ How to link personal vision with a planetary vision

✓ The importance to ground spiritual concepts in actions

Why is Inner Alignment Crucial for Successful Manifestation?

Having a good inner connection does not necessarily mean that your habits, beliefs, emotions and actions are automatically in alignment.

Did you know that studies have shown that 95% of the process depicted on the image is running on autopilot?

That means that 95% of our actions and reactions are habitual patterns! We should use this to our advantage.

So how do you change your paradigm to have your beliefs and definitions start to serve and support you on autopilot?

“A Reason for Being”

To illustrate how you can integrate passion with demand and contribution, I like to use the image from the Japanese teaching called “Ikigai”.

Literally it means “a reason for being” – a reason to get up in the morning.

What is your “reason for being” and how close are you to finding and actually living it?

The Source Map reveals 7 keys to manifestation, helping you to uncover your natural strengths and find your individual way to “Ikigai”.

How much does the Ebook cost? NOTHING!
I am giving it away for FREE. All I am asking is your help to spread the word.

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Talk soon.

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